Lovecraft VR Game

lcvrThis is a project that I did in collaboration with a game artist for the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications convention in San Francisco in 2014 using Unity and built for the Oculus DK2. This was the first game I made for VR and was a whole lot of fun. The game levels are procedurally generated, and you can check out more info on that here. It uses a heatmap tile system that you can see more about here, though I recommend checking out the heatmap source code from this project because it has been cleaned up a bit.

The gameplay requires the player to traverse randomly generated levels where they must collect 3 out of 4 scrolls and return to the center altar. The challenge is that the ground falls apart while you are near, so if you stay in one spot you will fall through the ground and lose. You have to keep moving to win.

You can download and play the game or watch a video of it being played below. The video will work with red/cyan 3D glasses if you happen to have some laying around. Also check out the source code on GitHub. \Assets\Tile.cs and \Assets\TileManager.cs are the heatmap system, and \Assets\Generate.cs is the level generation.


VIDEO LINK (3D Enabled)