My name is Andrew Horobin. I’m a data guy, gameplay programmer, and hobbyist prop maker. I love solving problems and building cool stuff. I went to school at The Art Institute of California – San Francisco, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Visual & Game Programming. Since then I’ve been working at Unity Technologies doing many things, but most importantly doing data queries and analysis.

Things that I love doing:
-Creating games that are nicely polished and offer unique gameplay, and I love implementing procedural and randomly generated content to make every experience a unique one.
-Taking large data sets and finding cool and interesting ways to visualize that data.
-Building props (usually for cosplay) with interesting engineering challenges. I’ll find any excuse to add lighting and other electronics to a project if I can.

My ultimate career goal is to make props professionally, be it for film or cosplay or anywhere else where fancy props are needed. Until then I am having a fantastic time in the game industry meeting rad people, learning everything I can about creating games, analyzing data, and making sure I’m being successful and giving every project my all. My two ultimate goals are making my magnum opus game idea which will require a full studio to make, and to open my own prop making workshop that I can start my own business out of.

I’m a big fan of Valve, Blizzard, and Riot Games. A few of my favorite games of all time are League of Legends, Overwatch, SOMA, Trine, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Roller Coaster Tycoon (RCT2 was the best).

Some misc. things I enjoy: board games, electronic circuitry, crafting, building, horror movies, rock climbing, and dogs

Thanks for checking out my website, feel free to check out my resume and see the projects I have back on the home page.