Procedural Unity Levels

This the level generation algorithm of a game that started as a project for the 2014 AICASF game jam (link to that project coming soon) and ended up as an Oculus DK2 project I presented at the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications convention in San Francisco. This project was done in Unity, programmed in C#. Levels […]

Unity Ivy Generator

This is a project I’ve been slowly adding to over time: an ivy generation tool for Unity, written in C#. It will let artists grow ivy right in a Unity scene and bake the geometry all without the use of any external tools or pipeline. It’s been a lot of fun to work on this, as I’m […]

Maya Road Generator

This tool for Maya was written in Python and generates a road from a Bezier curve. The road has depth and side walls and is one continuous piece of geometry all the way around, even if you do not close the curve. The image to the left is set to 50 divisions so it looks […]

Maya Building Generator

This is a Maya tool I wrote in MEL script for generating a wide range of procedurally generated structures to be used for environment backgrounds or anywhere that many low-poly buildings would be needed. It generates 5 different types of structures, all with a wide range of random variables. In the screenshot to the left you […]