Burger Platformer

This was a little prototype I came up with loosely inspired by Burgie from the Game Grumps. It was just a thing I thought up and worked on for a few days with my own time. I came up with the idea of hopping around as a couple hamburger buns and needing to collect the […]

Polygon Color Shader

This project was supposed to be a fancy shader project done in Unity. The idea was to recreate the stylized low-poly look of things like Polyworld, but without the use of UV’s and textures, just vertex color data. I still don’t know if it’s possible to do this entirely with a shader, but I couldn’t find […]

The Collapse

The Collapse was  a project done for the AICASF 2014 game jam, consisting of students and alumni from three different Art Institute of California schools using Unity. We had 24 continuous hours (sleep optional) to make a game with an ‘Apocalypse’ theme. This project was later adapted to a VR project you can find here. The […]

Lovecraft VR Game

This is a project that I did in collaboration with a game artist for the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications convention in San Francisco in 2014 using Unity and built for the Oculus DK2. This was the first game I made for VR and was a whole lot of fun. The game levels are procedurally generated, and you can check […]

Procedural Unity Levels

This the level generation algorithm of a game that started as a project for the 2014 AICASF game jam (link to that project coming soon) and ended up as an Oculus DK2 project I presented at the Stereoscopic Displays and Applications convention in San Francisco. This project was done in Unity, programmed in C#. Levels […]

League of Legends Lag Detector

This is a project I made out of frustration with having a bad internet connection for a while. I would intermittently get a massive latency spike that would last anywhere from 5 minutes to hours, which would ruin online games, mainly League of Legends in my case. Originally I just left a command window open […]

Unity Ivy Generator

This is a project I’ve been slowly adding to over time: an ivy generation tool for Unity, written in C#. It will let artists grow ivy right in a Unity scene and bake the geometry all without the use of any external tools or pipeline. It’s been a lot of fun to work on this, as I’m […]